Signing Up Is Signing Off?

If you haven't noticed, BFF and I are single.  Single spirited and single minded.  We take very good care of ourselves and the ones we hold dearest.  Though, like most people, I think we often watch and wonder about the other side of the fence and possibly when we might just hop over it and join the coupledoms of the world.   The commited married life.  The co-dependent, in it for the long haul, kids and SUVs and finger paint art projects and mac and cheese for dinner meals.    And we watch our sisters move through each hurried day, schedulized and agendad complete with melt downs, car seats, favorite stuffed animals, dora dvds and arguments about finances and barely getting to take a 10 minute shower. 
Why does the hop over that fence signing up for married life in turn mean signing off of your own life?  Or is it just a redefining and reinventing of your own life?  And once there, why does it not work almost half the time?
  • Divorce rate in America after first marriage is from 41% to 50%.
  • US divorce rate after second marriage is from 60% to 67%
  • After 3 marriages the US divorce rate is from 73% to 74%



    1. Well.... it's somewhat signing off now isn't it?
      it's not like we could go to thai massage at every given moment like we do now. We'd have to "check in" with that person, see what their deal is ...!

      But we would be signing up for co everything such as travel, sharing wonderful whimsial glasses of vino, waking up to giggling kids and sharing daily ins and outs, and just splitting lifes stresses and surprises hunkering down to life 202 with another person, that is an exercise in growth!

      BTW our sigle-dom is often referred to as "Diapers, Formulas & Wipes" as in currently we don't spend money on those so in turn we spend on cute sassy dresses, deslish dinners and decadence.


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