ABitter Happy Aloha

Bff stace is on the road actually as we speak on the superferry to maui from oahu. Home for my dads birthday. And let me just say the trip thus far (day 4) is the perfect blend of bitter happy and its exactly the essence of how bitter happy came about. Life!

I will so elaborate later but just a quick teaser for the blog to come:

The getting to the airport w sister and two toddler nephews with more shit that the marine corps packs for 3 years in iraq

The plane ride

The arrival on no sleep the previous night

My sisters meltdown (waranted) after two days wo father of kids to intervene and off her meds (bc she forgot it at home

My laptop being stolen at a kinkos on queen street in honolulu on my dads bday bash day (who has time for a personal meltdown on someone elses bday!?)

Being exhausted paddling out after only 40 min bc I'm so out of surf shape from laying in bed w bronchitis all of august

Being the driver

Being the aunt

Being away from bff (who is usually my hawaii partner in crime and relaxation!)

Not being able to be on "real" vacation

Not being able to be on "real" vacation

Not being able to be on "real" vacation

Surfing yesterday

Hanging w jack at morning brew this morning just two of us

Finding 3 vintage hawaii books at bookends in kailua

Laying on the lido deck of the superferry solo en route to maui
With the sunshine and breeze and molokai in the background and my family waaaaayy over there on the "lanai deck!!!"

The text from hotness guy

My dad being so damn happy were all here together

My flip video


Until the next aloha update...

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