Getting Back to a Restrictive Lifestyle

With the arrival of cooler days threatening to take away summertime bliss comes the reintroduction of restrictive clothing. Ugh. Goodbye summer love dresses, flowy and yummy and hello fuzzy sweaters, tight jeans, cords and, oh yes, socks. Don't get me wrong... I am a lover of the winter wardrobe and all its layers and long sleeves and cowlneck goodness. And I am addicted to buying very expensive denim. But, as I sit at my desk during this futile transition, my whole mood is altered to a bitter, unhappy state stemming from the grip that my jeans have around my waist. A true reminder that I put on a few too many extra pounds over the summer and had too many corona days lounging at the beach. How does summer do this every year? Summer let's you relax so much so that putting on those beloved designer denim upon Fall's arrival is somewhat of a chore, an uncomfortable situation and a depressing reminder that you need to lose a few pounds before the holiday's come marching in.

PS: This new way of eating (aka: diet) better have some effect on denim's grip soon so that I am somewhat tolerable at work. (it's only day two)


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