The Getting Pretty Chronicles: "Nail Dude" rescue 911

Some might think heading out to get pretty on a friday night is less than fabulous, but BFF and I have no qualms about our Friday night sessions--we call it "the gentle exhale slide outta Friday, wash off the week and slide into the weekend. Plus, I have been on my illness bed for far too long, a girl has to get out and get the pretty back!

Our usual get pretty program includes a stop at a few of our favorite "saucy dress destinations" on Main Street in Santa Monica: Compliments, "unknown dress store" (next to Pinkberry) and whatever else tickles our fancy from our parking spot of the evening. We always end up at the Get Pretty Headquarters TOE HEAVEN. I slide in to see Elaine for some waxing wellness and BFF hops into her enterprise station and massage chair for some two on one action from Lee (Pedi) and Mama Tina (mani) her regular go to gal Mimi was off. I hop in my chair post waxing with my chinese princess Mandy. I heart Mandy --she is so badass and funny and totally knows my game. She deals with all my random requests and laughs at us most of the time. She gives the best massage it's a crime and also does an insane french pedi--what the chinese did for the opening ceremonies Mandy does for my toes.

Nail Dude Emergency 911: So while in my bronchial state I somehow stubbed my big toe causing screaming pain heard from here to Africa PAIN PAIN PAIN.  I strolled in with about half a toe nail on...usually  "Sexy Mary "fixes things up in that department (more on Sexy Mary later) so Mandy hollered nail dude over to  create some serious magic on the corner nail spot. He mixed up some acrylic juice and painted it so gently, filed it with the secret drill and  made a wonderful ,  brand spankin new sexy toe nail ! Thank you nail dude (Kevin!) BTW Kevin is uber cool dude with some rockin style you should pop in to see him if you rock acrylic nails in general--he's the acrylic nail maven over there.

Side note: me and BFF created a new nail style called Toes Heaven Special ... ask for it by name and Mandy is the only one who can make it happen fyi! BFF is now rockin a serious stylish mani --photo to come.


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