The Fake End Of Summer & All It Brings

Hmmm. All this chat about this weekend being the end of summer...who says so? I get it kids go back to school, parents are in a whoopla to get all the necessary items on tap and shuffle schedules around and launch the whole carpool 08 thing, but that is THEM not me.

I'm not playing summer is over, just yet. Maybe in a few weeks, or in October, but just not now because in truth we're still mid summer as far as I'm concerned, and I know BFF agrees. The calendar is not the boss of our lives.

This weekend was a packed one, and that of course puts me into the whole oh ____ I have to talk to people and be "on" and care about all the bs everyone wants to talk about at parties.

Saturday night was my friend Lysa's big bash in the hood here in Venice, which always brings a bunch of pretty random hot sexy people under one roof. This party did not dissapoint it was awesome just men and women looking to get some ass.   I've been sick as huevos for 15 days so it was yet another rare sk outing, so I put on the 50% pretty which apparently did well, because I got a lot of props for my wardrobe choice (pretty lazy, standard actually, black shorts and black off the shoulder top with my saucy heels) It was the heels that sold the choice let's be honest here.

Yes,  spoke to some hotties, it was fun because my cousin Jessica was in town from Hawaii on her way back to Italy where she goes to fashion school and it seemed we had a whole Kailua/Maui section of girls at the party--we were in session, and  it was good times. Ate night 2 am off to La Cabana Mexican Food and to bed --lord way past my bedtime. Coughed my lungs out all night, not fun. Word is the Ian got home at 4am... I was designated driver to Miss Shelby and the Greeks Demetrios and Julie. Good not-end -of -summer fun.

Sunday was a pool party at LTD headquarters Andrew's ahh more pretty girls, boys and kids parents running around, I was a little too ambitious this day and overdid the auntie roll, went swimming (bad) and was pooped. All I wanted was to head home and chill solo but even that didn't happen the party follwed back to mi casa and didn't leave until 10 pm.

Sunday I woke up at 1245pm the LTD crew was at the beach and texted me in all directions to come join...I opted out--if I can't surf I certainly wasn't in the mood to sit on the beach with the crew and just hear everyone talk while i tried to realax (hmm can we say I sound slightly bitter?!) NOt bitter just not in that frame of mind to "play well with others) I know when I am in that space and I opt out, so instead I am having a nice solo day in the yard on the chaise trickling sound of the pool waterfall next door and sunshine, the puppy at my feet and a stack of mags (happy!). 

See,  summer is so not over.

BFF comes home from Santa Cruz today. (Woo Happy.)

Jess leaves for Italy (bitter)


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