The Date Debate

So it would appear ,  I am single because I've made movements in the direction that keep me single.  Yes, it's been the way of the warrior  and it's been pretty good to me.

Well, on the BFF news alert front, I took the plunge, and dove into the dating pool. I didn't just put the "okay open for dating" signage on my lawn...I actually dove with intention to actually participate. And fyi, I don't generally like new people , hot or not. Dating sucks, be it blind date, online date, met you thrugh a friend date,  it's awkward, icky, strange, weird, mysterious, there's no guarantee and you have to get "extra" pretty a lot. 
I don't get how people do it regularly. I'm not so much a fan.

I'd much rather hang with BFF who is my perfect mate-- who loves and approves my un -exciting wife beater and jeans uniform, we travel well together, love the same restaurants, she buys me cute stuff, I find her yummy things she loves, we pamper properly ,laugh, pms well together, spend money well, we love kids (that aren't ours),  she loves football, while  I don't even know what a "foul play" or a "quarter" is,  we simply just flow like a perfect fake lesbian marriage. The only snags  1.  we both have vaginas and 2.  we both like the male everything.  And we like the male everything  a whole lot, so it looks like divorce is imminent in our same sex situation, so we always have plan b material in mind and discuss it often.

I guess the whole concept of waiting for the mountain to come to me was not very realistic, so looks like I'm meeting half way on the road to the mountain. (yes it means I might even have to leave the zip code!) Again it's awkward, annoying and simply not something I am good at. And I don't strive to be good at it. So, I have to say, I kinda scored with my freshman first attempt at this whole dating thing.

I connected with a really smart, warm, available hottie out the gate. Available in all the important "available " ways i.e: emotionally, physically, mentally  and he isn't hiding a wife or girlfriend in the trunk when we hang out. (Bonus, I know) Also,  he used the word thread count, and he is a waterman--thanks Jesus, nice start.

Oh, don't go getting that excited, we're simply in that place where we are having fun, exploring each other and what we're about.  I have NO idea where it's going, how it's getting there, what exit it will take, it if will hit the dead end or sharp curve, and of course for me little miss producer, that kinda blows...but here I am.

I'm not sure if he is an ex-con or what his major character defects are, I did ask about the ex con thing and I can confirm in fact he is not an ex-con, which is nice. But hell, we are people and spin or no spin there's always something looming around the corner, for now I'm staying on this street not venturing  towards corner action quite yet. Maybe soon, maybe not. 

I'm taking on BFF"s being in the moment right here right now way of the warrior for today and for now that is  perfectly perfect.


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