Up Next Guest Spotlight: Bitter Happy Bite Of The Week By Simms Brooks

Hi All.
We are introducing a very special new feature called Bitter Happy Bite Of The Week.
This is a little bitter happy guest spotlight of the week, if you will.... 

This week we are featuring  one of our favorite bitter happy creatives Simms Brooks. 
A bit of background. In a nutshell Simms was my BFF  when I lived in San Francisco for years and years, she still lives there...and she is still one of my dearest friends. 

Oh,  and the trouble we created and escaped is far too wide to list. Let's just say there was a lot of black outs, a few white lies, sexiness, boyfriends, make outs, tears, parties, fake names, shopping, breakups, make ups, shared housing, high drama, low work ethic, travels, parking tickets, cheap wine, expensive shoes, and lots of unconditional love. and hate too.
In a nutshell is epitomizes bitter happy. For one she is Southern and beyond that crazy (in that genius way) and hilarious. 

She's a kick ass writer as well so,  Meet Miss Simms aka SLIMS.

PS- she and BFF Karen have the exact same delicious taste in jewelry and they hate the same kind of new people, I love them for that!


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