How Online Profiles Keep Me From Going There...


I get my Yahoo Personals email update every other day and I browse the headshots of those 30-40 year old men who are in the relatively close proximaty of my zipcode. I rarely click on any of them, but once in a while, I do. Once I click on their profile, they will be alerted that I checked them out. However, my Profile is not searchable. The only men who know I even exist on that personals site are the ones that I go to check out. So, today I come across and click on "Luke." and his profile goes onto rant:

Show me a Beautiful Woman
...and I'll show you man tired of sleepin' with her". Not your typical warm n' fuzzy opening but then again I’m not your typical guy. I'll get back to that opening later. Most of the personal ads that I read through remind me of the Fairy Tales I grew up with. Not that its wrong to be hopeful or idealistic, I just think that it warps our expectations and diminishes our tolerances when we walk into relationships without being aware of our own faults and limitations. Ladies, who doesn't want to laugh and travel endlessly, go out to dinner every night, take lonnnnng walks on the beach? But what are you like when you don't feel like laughing? What are you like when we both have to go to work every morning and can't travel? Are you aware that eating out is costly and a food budget is a necessity, and can you whip together a meal in a flash? And during that walk on the beach, do you have it in you to carry that person should they falter or need your aid? Look at the evidence, 2 of 3 marriages fail. Do you know what it takes to sustain one? Are you obsessed with worldly possessions and material goods? Do you wake up asking the question "what am I going to GET today?" or do you wake up asking "what am I going to GIVE today?" Do you measure your happiness against societies standards or is it based upon your loving heart’s desires? Do you have the strength to stand up against the judgment of those that make up societies rules? What drives your decisions? Are they based on whimsical selfish yearnings or on loving faith of something greater than we find here on Earth?

Interesting. But, he's a pisces and ultimately and bit too questioning for my taste, but anyway I go back to do a double check on my profile to make sure everything is okay if he happens to check me out. and I see, there is mention of travel and laughter and beaches-- blah, blah, blah. And suddenly I am feeling, oh, so very run of the mill. so I decide to do a quickie edit before "Luke" may come back and check my little space out. talk about a reality check.

trying to pitch yourself in an online dating profile: you sit back and wonder what you like, then you think, 'who am i?" and you start to wonder, do i really like my job? do i really enjoy all the stuff i do? stuff I buy to fill up?

I didn't make any edits afterall.


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