An Introduction to Whooping Cough (!!).

I have been hit with this crazy flu turned something else turned bronchitis now turning the corner to being possibly whooping cough for what seems like forever and a day....this all started  August 10th. It's now September 5th. Don't even ask what whooping cough is because it's so random I don't quite get it --except that i have a constant low fever crappy feeling combined with major coughing attacks that last up to 2 minutes and I', exhausted and can sleep for years. Yesterday I slept mid day from 11:30am-4:30pm without much effort.

I get that I'm bummed if in fact I get a positive from the tests and that it will only LINGER on further. I am headed in to see a specialist at Cedars today at noon. Here is the 411 please send messages to whatever higher power is out there to bring me BACK to sanity and health...I mean I don't even have a happy to report , this is pure bitter, icky, ugh!


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