Bitter Happy Bite Of The Week 01: We're Way Past All That Family Values Crap, Clearly

BItter Happy Bite Of The Week 
By Simms

You know the thing that bugs me the most about this teenage pregnancy thing and the GOP VP candidate, isn't that her daughter is pregnant. I mean let's face it...we're way past what could have been done to prevent the pregnancy. We're way past the family values crap that the GOP goes on about. The thing that bugs me the most is that when Mr. McCain and cohorts came-a-callin' to see if Mrs. Palin would be interested in being his running mate, she should have said no. Because, while her daughter may be old enough to make the decision to have sex, thus become pregnant, she is not old enough to go through this life changing event alone. She will need her mother now, more than ever, and her mother will be unavailable to her. She'll be, as my mother always says, gallivanting all over hell and half of Georgia! To me, Mrs. Palin already hasn't set a good example to date, and the decision to accept the VP candidacy only shows that she'll continue to be a bad mother, she'll continue to choose selfishly. Now, I'm not saying that a mother shouldn't be in the White House, not by the remotest of long-shots...I'm just saying, not this mother.  Simms.


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