One-Time Marathon Runners and Drastic Hair-Cutters


If there was anytime a red flagged could be waived loud and clear that, “Houston, we have a problem…” it would be the one-time marathon runner or the drastic hair cutter. “I am going to run a marathon, just because…” or the “I have really long blonde luscious hair and I am going to cut it really short and go dark.” Watch Out! This is code for something much bigger.

I was thinking about it today while sitting in Peets coffee with BFF in Marina Del Rey (by the way, she is sitting about 25 feet away, writing her own bitter-happy entry right now). My bitter happy point: You always have to be very, very careful around these people who up and suddenly decide they are going to cut off all their hair or run a marathon…(not to be confused with the half marathon people or the cute new hair style people, which I will get to a little bit later).

The One-time Marathon Runner:
I am going to go out on a limb and just guess that these people have some really deep, dark secret issue that cannot come to the surface in the life they have chosen to lead. So instead of dealing with the issue, they think, maybe they can continue to suppress it and run through it. The one-time marathon runner feels that by training for and running a marathon they will be able to overcome this inner pain through an intense physical challenge and outlet. Why a marathon you ask? The marathon is the pinnacle of pain for your normal everyday person. Running 26.5 miles for a good time, a good cause or a good feeling cannot possibly be true—it’s masochism. Mind you, I have never ventured to run a marathon. Not yet at least, maybe I will someday. Just think for a minute about the people you know who have run the one-time marathon… it’s true, right? (PS: Happy: To be physically challenged and endure a marathon—Bitter: not dealing with issues of your life.)
Note: The Half Marathon Runner/Cute New Hair Style: Just a little out of shape and thinks training for and running the half marathon or restyling the hair will be a good testament that yes, “I can still be in shape and I am not getting too old.”

The Drastic Hair Cutter:
BFF brought this to my attention as I was going on and on about the one-time marathoner. But the same is true for this person. All the sudden, life needs a change because it is so out of control that the only thing that can be controlled is the drastic cutting of hair. The crack cocaine of life change is the drastic hair cut. This is mostly true of women, but it is also true for men who have longer hair. They need a change and think that a haircut will spark that change. A new look= A new beginning.

So, where does this leave us?

1. Be weary of the friend who says they are going to run a marathon “just because" and seek counseling before committing to your one-time marathon… if everything checks out... Run Forest, Run!
2. Think about the drastic haircut for at least 2 months prior to the BIG cut
3. Need a drastic change in your life? Make it happen. Don’t mask it.


  1. drastic hair cutter case inpoint : katie holmes. enough said


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