Oh Bitter Sauna.

BFF Stace here, look I'll be the first to say I joined the gym for the a few other things before the actual gym itself. And I joined the mother of all gyms The Sports Club LA. 

Let's get one thing straight, I don't really care that the equipment is state of the art or the yoga floor is made from recycled bamboo and they teach 987 classes a day. I care that the gym is close enough that I don't have to sweat for leaving the zip code, that parking is easy, i like a few classes that i stick to, they have good food, a big enough dressing room where i can avoid people and that they have a kick ass sauna.  I joined this gym also, so I didn't have to go to bars the men there are age appropriate, and they have jobs, you can't really be a member if you don't have at least a job because it costs half a mortgage to belong. It's one of those decisions I made and I just let go and don't over stress about it because it's bad financial planning for sure.

I care more about the sauna than anything else at the gym. So you know the pure fact that the sauna has been down now for over two months (not that I was even going to the gym in July because I was a total rager in July , and I spent August just recovering and getting fatter) 
now that it's September and I'm on the upswing of health (almost) low and behold I cruise into the gym and the f-ing sauna is still down!!!!!!! Yes I wrote a letter, a bitter , bitchy very "I'm really dissapointed... this caliber of club type letter..."

The General Manager stalked me , I avoided calls and finally today all my writing a bad letter dreams came true-- he has waived October fees-- YIPEEEEE  that means me and BFF can use my savings  to go try this crazy ass new hot springs in Valencia --yes,  THAT Valencia.

I might even go to the gym today just to get pool side sexy.


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