Quelqu'un M'a Dit. She May Be A Husband Stealer mais J'adore Carla Bruni

So only a few months after his divorce French president Nicolas Sarkozy got hitched with Italian born heiress , former supermodel and now songstress Carla Bruni.  This has yes, slightly caused a bitter whirlwind in not only the political arena but internationally as well. We love a good first lady who colors outside the lines don't we? I do. I plan to be one of those first ladies.

Yes, she also got naked with Mick Jagger, oh, and Eric Clapton. Even better, a girl with experience,  which by the way leads a woman make better choices when they matter most down the line.

Look,  I hate a drop dead gorgeous husband stealer as much as the next girl , but firstly she didn't steal him and secondly all supermodelness aside, Miss Bruni is a delicious , sultry singer. 

I have been obsessed with her for sometime , I just adore her raspy , deep gentle yet full voice, she makes me feel as if I am in my old neighborhood in paris, rain drizzling outside and the day full of beauty, and promise and potential of  love, romance and pure parisian everything around the corner. I can taste the boujoulais on my lips as I sip it slowly,  while people watching  at my little neighborhood cafe near St Germain,  as if it was just this afternoon. 
I feel all I love about Paris when I hear her voice.

Truthfully, she's a smart cookie. She is centered, tells it like it is and holds her ground, all with grace and intrigue and to me that makes her allowed in our BFF circle. 

And for the record, I am not so much a fan of her husband, at all actually.


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