Bitter Barrettes

Okay, we need to address a major fashion/beauty malfunction on the USA womens gymnastics team immediately:hair and makeup.

 Can we say WTF is up with the way, simply just bad super 80's hair situation!? From those awful larger than life scrunchies in perfectly cliche red , whites or blue to the 22 bobby pins oddly placed smack on top on their heads and those silver hairclips on every side of every girls head? Seriously, who is signing off on this? And don't even get me started on their potential drag queen careers post gymnastics stint --the random  make up applications scare me.

 I am officially demanding that a Hollywood based hair and make up team be a requirement as part of the team for  the 2012 Olympics-- not negotiable people. why don't you go ahead and "own this" project.

If nothing else,  I hope these athletes are scoring a MAJOR sponsorship from Goody if they aren't bringing home Gold.

ps I heart Shawn Johnson and Nastia.

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