How Will I ever FInd Anything From Here On Out?!

Today is a very bitter bummer day.  

Firstly I got a ticket for stopping less than perfectly at a stop sign in my neighborhood.  (WHATEVER) It's my fabulous assistant/PR princess extraordinaire Jessica's not-really-but -kinda-for now, last day at The Bungalow.... She starts law school at Pepperdine this week. We both know that isn't going to stop her from being a part of things, on some level here, but at least for the next few weeks, I will have to find a way to survive my everydays without her.

I have no idea how I will locate anything, get the 101 things on my to do list done or even find my bra and underwear each day.... but I will-- it will just be less sparkly without her by my side day in and day out telling me what to do, how to do it and make it seem fun.

She is amazing wonderful, sexy, smart and really a super hero. I am the luckiest business owner and mess to have found her, she is a keeper on every level. So Jess, Good luck on the new adventures of the law for the next few weeks, and we will be here waiting for you to get back in the Bungalow mix!


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