How Sleeping One Full Calendar Day Made Me Realize I'm Not That Important

I have had some cold, slash flu, slash, big bronchial, icky coughing up a lung thing for about 10 days total now. It has been this thing that creeped up on me and has sly-ly just proceeded to get worse (BITTER) 

Yesterday I woke up at 5:15 PM yes I said five o'clock in the afternoon... I went to be at 10:30 pm so go ahead count the hours...17 hours of sleep -- almost a full day gone simply by letting go and honoring my need to rest. No one really called or missed me that much and that felt SO INCREDIBLY FABULOUS!!! The world still went on without me, my business didn't crash, the dog didn't die and my friends were just busy and my phone also felt happy to be in the "off" position. Sure emails are in the overload unanswered file, but we're all just fine and I'm just not that important and god bless that. Sometimes I need to be reminded that things can get handled without my interjection. Miracle.

 I had this fantasy if I just embraced the illness and let my body rest I'd wake up ready to go surf and work out and get back to business. Yeah, well, not so much. I woke up and was basically starving, had a shower, ate some food, and slid right back into horizontal position A , Olympics on and Princess (my dog) at my feet--and cough in full swing. The body says it's not so ready yet and this time I am going to let go and give in. Until Saturday only though.

All I have to say to body is she best be ready and back to sexy by Saturday , because BFF and I have this saucy sexy event to attend, yeah this little shindig for his excellency Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem and Donald Trump -- with a lil background music by Ms. Christina Aguilera. And I have a feeling my international future ex-husband is there waiting for me. Obviously.


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