Not So Bitter Happy Sister

So I sent an email out to the LTD crew that the column I was invited to write was finally up on The column is my   day in the life notes as a fellow aunt to my two cool nephews, bff's niece and nephew, andrews kids...and any other kids in our circle who see us as their "aunties".

My sister emailed me "honestly, why do you feel the need to do this?"

Do what? Express myself? Aim to be a better writer with a wider platform? Or feel the need to share it with those I love and value?
If she's irritated about divulging her kids names I get that and I can not name names that's fair she's their mom and has a right to protect them by all means. But otherwise her less than supportive words felt hurtful and just not very loving or supportive and I'm bitter and not at all happy.

I want to practice my writing , while covering a variety of lifestyle topics...and I feel soo honored to have the forum here, on The Huffington Post and now savvyauntie that I wish she could recognize this and offer a more loving and supportive way to share her feelings or offer feedback.

Maybe next time. Or not.

Ps- my happy; spending the day at the beach with bff and sophie, alex and jules and bff standing up on the surfboard looking like a hottie on Saturday!!!!

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