Diapers, Formula, Wipes

Well, since we don't have to buy any of these, bff and I, post obagi beauty event (bitter we have old unhealthy skin) decided we were famished... Instead of sliding into oh , let's say someplace simple or even a drive thru... We slid right into the valet at Mastros.

Let us say that you don't just generally "slide" into Mastro's sans reservations on a Thursday night 8pm, beverly hills, but we approached the maitre d and said "hi we're karen and stacie, la's biggest optimists ...table for 2??

Darling Cliff swooped us to the back room tiny table for 2 perfecto! Ps: bff has a lil crush on cliffy...

Most people wait days or weeks to come here to celebrate something big. bff and I come to treat ourseleves to way overpriced delicious goodness in proper supermodel lighting just to remind ourselves we're alive and beautiful and we have really awesome smooth healthy skin when in the proper lighting (dimmed--very dimmed).

Here's to pretty -and full.

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