Sometimes It's As Simple As Sexy.

So the guy I met recently , let's call him hot guy (HG) for the sake of naming him without exposing him, is well, really turning out to be quite worthy of a solid crush.

He is giving the crew of LTD girls a splash of hope that there are some real men in the vicinity and they are interested and hello, available. 

HG is smart, which for me, this alone makes him a keeper. And okay, he's pretty hot too, but honestly that is just the cherry on top. Really, what I think I am most taken aback by,  is that is he seriously one sexy ass communicator. I have to stop at moments and just be grateful that there are guys out there who actually want to talk about an array of topics-- we actually discussed handbags the other night, I know, ridiculous.

I still have no idea if he is hiding a body in the trunk of the car or if he has some crazy baggage that doesn't fit in the overhead compartment or if he is a vegan (deal breaker) or what.

But I have a big crush on him and it's perfectly perfect for today. Heck, maybe tomorrow too.

Crush worthy action #04 :
He is full of surprises . I received  a welcome home card in the mail upon my arrival home from Hawaii, sexy right? Yes, sexy.


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