All Over The Place

Happy: BFF is back from her trip.

Now on to maybe a splash of bitter but not super bitter because it's nothing to be bitter about kind of bitter.

So I've been living la vida lovefest with HG  which should make me happy ...however, I am already sliding into baby bitterness... i said baby , not big! I basically feel between the heart, business and my see & sprout project planning i feel incredibly all over the place.

The heart:
I am annoying. I am that girl who asks for the specific heavenly guy , he shows up and then I start taking inventory minutes later.

I'm noticing little things -- i mean at the end of the day they are lame. like he is overly complimentary (like I said I'm lame) he's super organized (I'm dennis the menace) he is incredible communicative--is there such a thing as that? if so, i'll invent it and mess it up for sure. Mostly he is super available, incredibly available , present ready and willing. 

Maybe it's me who isn't.  Someone save me from myself.

The Business.
Biz is slow and sleepy right now and while I should take the opportunity to dive into my creative ventures the amount of money i owe the tax man prevents that LTD to take place. 
I have been the non panic-ed small business owner the past few weeks, refusing to slide into paranoia and suddenly I need to really accept the economy is a mess and it affects all of me in a lot for areas form clients to my philanthropic venture. 

Can I really ask people to donate to my project? giving back feels simply impossible today but i will just agree that i don't have to change the world or even decide how I am going to do it for today.

 Deep breaths and one day at at time.

I can't wait to watch Friday NIght Lights with BFF a marathon, I am going to try to woo her to tv land at my house tonite for corona's and tim riggins!!!


  1. i'm so excited for LTD land at your house tonight with tim and coronas! xoxoxo
    you're good. don't you worry, remember... we are the luckiest!


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