A lot Of Not Much To A Whole Lot

Today was one of those days where I just couldn't get the engine past turning the key. I meandered through without much accomplishment really at all. I heard that the Fortune Small BUsiness issue that I am in / see + sprout is on stands, I tried to find it , no luck and after that I kind of just lost steam.

I realized while I am so delighted to be in the issue , I also feel that it's so ironic being where I am currently at with things, or maybe not at all. Maybe it's the light that arrived when it's supposed to, I don't really know.

For a day of a lot of not much, a lot of big information filtered down the river.

1. Andrew got a really great gift of serenity

2. The Fortune Small Business Magazine is out

3. Kris asked if he could list me as his emergency contact --that feels serious huh!? BFF is my emergency contact to date.

4. My step mom Carol emailed me telling me she officially made the second biggest decision of her life (to marrying my dad) yesterday ....she RETIRED! Good for her she deserves it!

5. Andrew completely moved out of one house to another and is back in the hood (whoo!)

6. I tried on 7 pairs of jeans and tossed 4 out

7. I gave myself permission to actually embrace "whatever."

BIg day for a little start.


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