Infomercial Weekend Mornings

I've noticed that for some odd reason, I am waking up extremely early on weekend days. This must be the lack of going out to all hours of the night, which I used to do while I was employed, younger, and had to release some sort of 'locked up in the office all week' type of steam. Now, it seems a movie on the couch possesses my friday nights and saturdays... I don't even know what a hot saturday night out on the town is anymore. If I sound bitter, it's because I am.

So, it's 6:33AM on Saturday morning and I pop on the bedroom 13" tube tv which only has bunny ears. I used to search the 8 channels that I get reception on for something good, but now, I just leave it on channel 13 where I had been watching Law and Order the evening before. I actually get excited to see which Direct Response products they will be slinging out to me and all the other saps that can't sleep. Today started off with The Perfect Pullup: This awesome bar can be installed in your home and you can have a perfect body within minutes. I Love it. I want it. Why did I join the most expenisve gym in Los Angeles when I can have the perfect pullup for only 2 payments of 29.99? (Also to note, in past weekend mornings I've desperately wanted the P90x system, BeachBody Turbo Jam and the 10 minute trainer. ) And let me just tell you that this infomericial was a little like G rated porn, because the men working out on this bar were mostly naked and chiseled like no other.

Next up, Youthology: This is the mothership. This is the infomercial that got me up and out of bed at 7:15 to go to the computer to pull up their website and really debate if I should buy it, especially with the special 'direct from manufacturer pricing' at 39.99 and the special gift set that comes with this miracle serum. Ultimately, I decided to process this potential purchase here, on before submitting the https page. And here we are... I have processed and figured out that the little miracle serum can wait for me until it is in Bed Bath and Beyond for 19.99 instead of 39.99 and I can use my 20% off coupon that religiously shows up in my mailbox every two weeks. If its such an awesome product, then I can afford to get a few more wrinkles while I wait to get it at a discount.


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