I can tell BFF is deep in her nanny-ness of her nephew + niece right now because I haven't seen her in about a week.
The only thing I have heard is "wow this nanny gig is exhausting" AMEN to that. I decided long ago one kid is plenty ,if two happens to fall in my belly, that is fine and a gift , but really I am grateful for the golden child experience!!! And hopefully BFF will still want one kid by weeks end versus "HELL NO" to any children at all!

Mommyhood is hard. period. and i always show up saying they (my sister, BFFs sis Julie etc) are better , stronger more willing moms than I might ever be and I am okay with that...

my mantra is no two ways about it. don't think I haven't already started interviewing in my head....I am visualizing that she is exactly what I imagine her to be and she will be a divine addition to our family--you heard it right an addition to our family... no in and out nanny's for me. it's that or BFF or my sister!!!


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