Old School Charm

Darrell (arms crossed in photo) is my best friend, brother, compadre,
and friend for life. We have grown up together, our dads are BFF's and
so are our moms.
This photo , this particular school year (his first at our school)
yes , he was the "new kid" was the exact moment I decided he was
going to love me forever.
And he has.

My opening line to him, (imagine my hand on hip all in his face ) btw
was "are you a football player?"
I know , hot. He was very hunched over tall and lanky and all cute.
It was at the old small teeny Guam airport departure area, as our
swim team was en route to an ocean swim at a neighboring island Saipan

We were about 5th or 6th grade.

NOthing has really changed , I still taunt him just in grown up ways.
Like "Pick up the phone and call your BFF/Sister you asshole!" with love
in my voice of course.


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