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I am very eager to start classes for the graphic design program this fall. I am taking a Photo1 class and need a digital SLR camera to be able to take full advantage of the curriculum. Since I am on a budget, I thought I would be able to find a Canon SLR body on ebay.com. Unfortunately, this is a competitive department because I can't seem to win a single auction. I've bid in 9 different auctions. I sit, I bid, I watch, I bid again, I research, and bid again, and then, the last 10 seconds and I lose. It's stupid and I am bitter about it. EBAY IS NOT FUN and makes me feel like a total loser.

Sorry, you were outbid. This item sold for US $278.00 (3 dollars more than my bid.)


  1. instead of bidding, use this free snipe site - just set your highest price in advance and this will automatically wait until the very last second before bidding for you in increments up to your limit.


    i have used this many times. good luck, xo

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