The Bucket List Trip

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My sixty-something dad is on a motorcycle trip around parts of the country, on his way to the greatest gathering of all motorcycles .....STURGIS (whoa) yes think big sky country, Harley's , Some Hells Angels, hot women sitting on the backs of bikes, lots of hairy men and for God's sake just good solid American made people and motorcycles.
It has all the makings of a made in America ad campaign!

For the past few weeks leading up to his departure I kept teasing him , referring to it as "The Bucket List" Trip or the "old man's trip" but truthfully I am so stoked for him-- my dad has lived in the islands for over 45 years (also known as "the rock") you can't really go very far on Guam or Hawaii, not much to do beyond surf, bronze, golf or fish (yeah, I know he lives a tough life) so this is truly a trip like no other a once in a lifetime experience.

My dad is the hardest working guy I know, he doesn't let up, his brain is spirialing 24/7 deals to make , negotiate, containers to ship overseas, ideas to make happen so , I love that he gets to get outta his board shorts and slippers and get outta his daily grind and strap on some chaps (yes I said chaps!) a leather jacket and some boots and hit the open road with his "boys" ... it just makes me feel like Hell YES! this is what "maturing" is all about--- kicking it with your peeps, and putting on some cool threads and knocking back some beer in the middle of God Damn America!

All the guys on the trip are coincidentally brothers that just makes the whole trip even cooler. A Governor, a judge, a dentist and an entrepreneur and their brothers-- clear the highways folks, a true band of brother's is rolling into town.

I'm sure they are out there thinking they are bad ass outlaws, channeling their inner Peter Fonda or Mad Max , but outlaws don't really phone home, a true outlaw wouldn't have an iphone or ipods, certainly not a cell phone but that's so 1970. Thank god my dad is tech savvy otherwise I would be missing out on the regular road chronicle updates such as these:

"We are off to Sturgis this morning ( stating at a friends house in Rapid City SD) Having a blast
Did you get any photos today?"

Love, Dad

"I've already put 2,000 miles on my new bike. Jim is 72 and walks with
a cane and is am inspiration to all of us. Call you later, love dad

We are now in Montana entering the West Entrance to Yellowstone.
Yesterday we were at another entrance. We stayed the night before in
Wyoming. I awakened at this real near log cabin loudge to some deer at
our back door and moose down the road. It's now down to the krakchirs
and the judge , bob torres. We expect to ride parts of
yellowstone all day today and tonight land up in Utah. Our ETA is
Friday in Seattle where I will arrange to ship my bike .

Frank and I may go fishing in BC.

More later

LOve Dad

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Did my dad just write that he is surrounded by log cabins, deer and moose!? What a change from the standard emails to me from the rock making me jealous I am not home with him hitting the beach for some waves, fishing for mahi mahi and golfing . This whole getting older, bucket list thing doesn't seem like that bad of an idea-- let's face it, 67 is really not that far from 41 now is it?


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