There is So Much Beach...

Yesterday morning, Saturday, I woke up feeling a little bit under the weather. I layed in bed for a bit and smelled the morning air trickle through the cracked window. It smelled like summer. The day promised to be mid-70's at the beach and even warmer in the valley. I wanted to go to the beach. BFF has been sick the past couple days, so after receiving a text back from her, "in bed still sick have fun xo," I knew it would be a solo mission. I decided I would take my schwinn beach cruiser. Packed the beach bag with a book, some snacks and plenty of sunblock. I hit the road about 1230 white linen pants and black tanktop, green havianas, orange trucker cap, backpack chair with beach umbrella hanging off the back. I made it down to the bike path only after getting through the hoards that also knew it was going to be a beautiful beach day. I rode up the path about 3 miles passing some of the hottest men who were running by with their shirts off and found a perfect little patch of beach to settle in on. I locked up the bike walked down and set up camp. Chair, umbrella, towel, wrap at my feet- lotion applied - deep breath- this is what today is about. Sun, the ocean, peace. I gazed out on the horizon and to my great pleasure watch a huge pod of dolphins swim by. At one point one of them was flipping out of the water, happy as could be... I could hear in the distance some new york dad yelling at his young child "LOOK, LOOK, DO you see it!!!! Its right there!!!!" It was just lovely.

About 45 minutes later I hear the very strained cry of a young child back by the bike path. I turn to look and yes, there he was throwing himself in the sand into a full blown melt down. His family beside him Mom and Dad and 3 siblings all making their way down to the water after piling their bikes in the iceplant. Uhhhh. I thought to myself. But didn't worry too much. After all, there is so much beach. I am just one girl who planted herself away from most. As life would have it, the entire family moved just 12 feet, DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. Why? Why?

I thought, oh lordie. Ok, I can move, I can stay and get over it (public spaces, public spaces) or I can go home. I threw on my headphones and the ipod and pumped up the volume. I snacked on some yummy strawberries. But ultimately, I only stayed for an additonal 15 minutes. The vibe between mommy and daddy was just too gnarly. (Mommy is on the right and Daddy sitting on the beach sheet to her left.) Mommy apparently was not talking to Daddy at all --and the tension between them was so thick it was just uncomfortable to be there. And so it is. I packed up all the beach gear and I ventured back home to the toasty apartment for the rest of the afternoon telling myself that, it was indeed a good short beach sesh and it was good to get the bike out for a ride and I probably didn't need much more sun than I already got.


  1. oh public spaces.... !
    it's just the beginning of "sun"time ... we'll find our slice on the "there's so much beach " where no one else wants to be. i just know it.


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