Bitter Tweeeet

I got sucked in.  I signed up for twitter last week.

Goodbye life. Goodbye productivity. Which let's face it I didn't have prior to the sign up to begin with so now we are seriously in trouble.

Truthfully thus far it seems to me to be a huge black hole vortex of super charged over stimulated random, for the most part un-useful information most of us simply do not need...
i mean how much more do we need to share or update people who 1. don't know us 2. I don't actually know and 3. who really gives a big damn anyway!????

So my twitter takeaways from last week are as follows:

1. Ashton and Demi watch a lot of movies, they twitter while in the same room to each other  and tweet with friends like chris mcmillan, guy oseary, john mayer and i forget who else.  They also workout to the PX90 which I don't really know what it is still but, since they both have ridiculously hot bodies me and bff will have a bake sale to raise money to maybe buy that program online and get bodies like them.

2. people are signing up to follow me and i can't decide if this is good or if i should call the cops

3. anderson cooper keeps me updated on breaking news, I like that 

4. maria shriver is following me and i am following her, i wonder if we will ever lay out by the pool at the ritz or go surfing.

5. twitter is dangerous for people who need a lot of attention--they actually get some form of it, what kind exactly? jury still out.

6. john mayer is a douchebag even in print 

6. i want to understand the positive business parts of twitter 

7. i still don't get it.

until next time...


  1. I am completely and 100% in agreement. I signed up for Twitter a few weeks ago because I was told it was the most important cultural phenomenon of recent times. I have posted a bunch of questions such as "how the fuck does Twitter work?" and I get NO response. I get way more love by updating my Facebook status. What's the difference? BTW, the cast of Madmen is following me.


  2. Make me homemade brownies and I will buy them all. I just signed up too. will have to follow anderson...


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