Bitter Boy- Happy Present

Me and bff went to see thomas campbell's new surf film "the present" last night. It was a last minute lil date for us out of the zip code... it was a LONG trek out we left at 330 and got home at 1030! we tried to make the best of it by making a lil stop on la brea at american rag cie and la maison cafe...which btw has the BEST caesar salad w shrimp francais style, note to self to go back there soon. And we strolled along the ol Hollywood blvd, yep stepping on stars along the was good times.

The only bitter bummer was that kris with a k was super grumpy and sad he couldn't also come to the screening.... and he was tres grumpy about it pretty much all night ...understandedly so, i mean he surfs more than either of us and his passion is vintage boards and this film certainly partied on the board breakdowns... so i had film guilt as i watched the beautiful pictures flow in front of my eyes, splashie water , wood-dashery , wondrous glassy breaks, west africa smiles and happy music throughtout.

He is going to love the film, he might hate us for a few days for going without him, but he will watch it and be one with us soon enough.

We did get him a lil surprise on Hollywood Blvd (it's black) and also a lil surprise momento from the film (not black)

and if you too are a lover of old school surfboards, take a peek at kris with a k's new blog .... it's going to be the place to be. I bet thomas campbell will even cruise it eventually.


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