Bitter Joy

There is a chinese saying "In the race to being better or best, do not miss the joy of being."

I was thinking today that I don't even know what the joy of being is anymore. So it makes
it that much harder to seek it out.


  1. We cannot waste our time hating the moment. We must relish it, even if it isn't what we think it should be. The past is gone and the future ain't here yet. So the present is all we've got! Wouldn't it be terrible to look back at your life and think that you didn't enjoy the journey in anticipation of the destination? Let's face it. The journey is all there is because the destination is death! Sorry, I went to a dark place for a sec. But it's kind of true, right?

  2. Out of the 6 billion people that inhabit this world, I know a man who truly loves and believes in you.

    He can't solve all your worries, even though he would like to. But he will listen to you with both ears and heart, find you bargains on Craigslist and eBay, go with you for Pinkberry retreats, make you eggs, support your endeavors, dream with you, watch Jon & Kate plus 8 and wonder how they do it, and love you in even in the worst of days.

    It's those little things that are the "joy of being." No need to seek them; they're right in front of you as you race by.


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