How do you know if letting go is the right thing? I think you don't ever know.... until you know.

I let go yesterday. I  let go of a very amazing, wonderful sexy and warm person. I let go because while on paper he was everything a girl could ask for, in my heart that emotional connection was not there. As much as I wished for it or hoped for it , it wasn't there and I knew in my heart that it's not something that miraculously one day shows up , it happens organically or not at all. And maybe one day I might realize that's not true at all, I don't know but today it feels like my truth. I need to walk through my truth, because without it what do I have.

I didn't feel that sense of urgency, that yearning, the I can't wait to talk to you see you and touch you. It felt incomplete and more of a obligation that a river that flows. I feel empty. I deserved all of the love that was being poured in  my direction and for today , I need to have faith that God will conspire to heal us both and also guide us as well.


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