I am a Worst Case Scenario Optimist

For a couple weeks now I have been becoming extremely aware of my thinking patterns around anticipating worst case scenarios in everyday life experiences. I brought it up to BFF while we were in Sayulita. I was asking her if she thought about the worst case scenario in everyday life experiences too, and she said, "uh, no." Shortly thereafter we were headed down our long steep Sayulita drive way in our golf cart. Thoughts of preparation, if we were to lose our brakes, were quickly flashing through my mind. As usual, I did not get worked up into a panicked state. I think I just like to feel prepared if the worst case was about to occur. The Bitter of this mode of thinking is that my mind is constantly gauging and analyzing and preparing instead of just rolling through moments. The Happy is that, you can count on me to be somewhat prepared in the worst case scenario.

Recent Examples:

Driving back from the mountains, a deer crosses the road in front of us... I say to Sue, "SLOW DOWN... there are always followers!" In my mind, I am thinking, they'll be two more, we may hit one, the car will be totalled.

Creepy guy that has been perched on the 3rd floor of the hotel looking out over the parking lot for the past hour as we walk to the jacuzzi and then back to the room then leave for dinner, I turn and look at the ladies, "Everybody has their important things with them? Creepy guy is monitoring our movements." In my mind: Creepy guy will get into our room somehow and take our stuff or wait for us to come back... you get the picture.

20 year old Sam takes the wheel to drive us back to the hotel. It's her first time driving in the snow, I am thinking, she is going to swerve, lose control, we go rolling off the road, total the car and are trapped, broken and cold. So I mention to her, try to brake before the curve of the road, and only brake if totally necessary inside the curve.

Is there something wrong with me? I am not sure if I fear these things or if I just want to be in control of what may happen. Luckily at this point, this mode of thinking does not deter me from enjoying everyday life, or even really adventurous activities. I ultimately think that everything will work out, that is why I am calling myself the Worst Case Scenario Optimist.


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