Can I Get an Upgrade?

BFF suggested that I write a bitter happy on location here in Sayulita. We've only been here 25 hours and lots has already happened just perfectly fitting for the bitter happy blog.

Two items to address now that we have actually been in Sayulita about 25 hours.
After my 15 hour travel day, I arrived in Sayulita and was coordinating the lodging check-in while BFF was delayed in the rain but on her way. As soon as I walked into the Agency to pick up the keys, I found out we had been upgraded, oh so kindly, by my new friend Jorge, the property manager. Originally we were slated to stay in the Jacaranda Casita: the studio apartment. It was donated to see and sprout and it would be FREE to us for the week. Anyhow, when we arrived, We were upgraded to the Main house, Casa Jacaranda because it wasn’t rented for the week and the blow up mattress for the casita wasn’t available. We were told though, if the house became rented we would need to move out. And Jesus, Lord had blessed us for coming to Sayulita to work with the kids; the house was a two bedroom/ two bathroom/ two floors of Mecca beauty. It has a little blue pool and huge patio. We enjoyed our first night in the main house, got up today and ventured to the beach in our golf cart and then to Costa Verde School for a See and Sprout pre-camera day with the kids. We went grocery shopping, did some touring and then arrived back at the house. I started to troubleshoot the Wifi while BFF talked to Kris with a K. Then, without any notice, the owners of beautiful Casa Jacaranda arrived from San Francisco. They were as shocked to see as we were them. So- essentially within 20 minutes, we were kicked to the curb and relocated downstairs to the casita. So is the story of Bitter Happy. We are now in the queen bed together, journaling on our computers.

The second item to discuss is our lovely first evening out on the town AND our return back to the main house- but BFF will be writing that one.


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