10 Bitter Happy Things

I realize I have subconsciously turned away from fully embracing Sayulita, I can't decide exactly what it is about this town that keeps me from saying whooo hoo full on.
I am having an awesome time  however!

here are 10 bitter happy sayulita things
1. the americans
2. the AWFUL bad terrible tattoos from 1992 that have invaded this colony
3. bongo drums playing at random and in my face while reclined
4. pushy "stuff" sellers on the beach who don't even bargain  (AT ALL)
5. yogi's
6. the prices -- i'm pretty much in america or paris 
7. the bumps in the road
8. bridey
9. tampons are gold and expensive
10. older super gnarly hippies who yell at you in bars


1. the surf
2. the very nice helpful locals
3. the local kids
4. costa verde
5. sayulita fish taco 
6. the chocolate ice cream
7. the kick ass blue beach chairs with built in visors
8. la policia
9. bff. kris , loren
10. villa amor

It's all the americans. that's the issue.


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