Earthquake's Excitments

boom! roll, wiggle, roll, rolling---rolling, shaking... "oh my, that's a nice one.... oh, that's a really good one...." I then hit the deck and curled into a little ball under my office desk. i closed my eyes and intensely focused on the sensation rather than the chatter of people in the office. there is nothing quite like your entire building swaying with the shaking pulses of an earthquake. happy that it wasn't the BIG ONE - it was only a 5.4 out in Chino Hills. bitter I am not more prepared with my Emergency kit at home which by the way, according to the SF GATE, should include: Comfort/stress foods: cookies, hard candy, sweetened cereals, lollipops, instant coffee, tea bags. They should know.... they went through that big one in 1989.


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