Bitter Happy Beaches

So BFF and I really do live the dream (LTD) . Yesterday we were at The Ritz Carlton pool side, soakin' up the rays, being served delicious overpriced food and beverages reading trashy mags and observing the clientele.I came to the conclusion there was the BITTER side of the pool and the HAPPY side of the pool.

The Gross Greasy Couple.
A somewhat gross greasy couple who made out constantly for four consecutive hours (not even  exaggerating) from pool to chaise back to pool, that PDA that slightly leans towards soft porn right in front of my ass. I was just trying to mind my own business deep in Star Magazine and these two aspiring adult industry stars were simply straight up distracting. It isn't as if the damn bed wasn't only 5 floors up. Knock it out come on back and take a nap, I can get with that but this whole dirty lick, kiss, slobber in plain view, not sexy and gross. Get out of my space bitches.

The Very Droppy Waiter
This guy not only ignored us forever but he kept spilling , dropping, tripping all day. Dude
stop taking the pot pre- poolside work shift,  you aren't fooling anyone and you're annoying me.


Ken Watanabe.
Okay, truth be told not the actual Ken Watanabe but,  hello sweet Jesus a yummy, dark skinned mixed aloha boy just sitting there poolside solo....think slow motion.... in board shorts, great body (not perfect) wonderful face structure and mouth--walsk to the pool dives in, few stroked water splashing, the whole visual was like a fresh delicious icy cold grape and strawberry combo , shaved ice when you come out of the water after a long surf session--- yummy. 
Turns out he is Thai , Puerto Rican mixed and lives in Hawaii--and hello "want to be my boyfriend slash husband slash father of all my children or even just one!?! 

His name was Miguel (yes I actually spoke to him and we exchanged numbers). He was in town to work in the studio--music.

Ahh nevermind whether we ever even got to first base ever the eye candy treat alone was happy times 400 Saturday afternoon.

Sunny Sunday with the LTD crew, the surfboards and the new foamy....just a perfect summer day, I haven't really surfed this spot before-- it was crazy crowded, the line up was like the 405 freeway but I have to say people could not have been nicer, cooler, sweeter and more fun. I had young 20 somethings hollering whooo and nice dad type local Malibu old schoolers guiding me to the break and sliding a few tips on the break to me.... even a guy who paddled on by turned his head and said "looking good girl" who cares that I ate shit once so bad my left hip looks like baby road rash ....the waves I did catch felt like the essence of Summer. Pure sunshine.

Pink Shorts.
Some quirky dude white as can be rolling out with a long board and the pinkest board shorts you've ever seen. Hilarious at the get go... he kept at it, never really caught much , but later as we were getting set to leave I had to give it to him--he was just so entertaining.  So I walked over and told him "hey nice going... and by the way your pink shorts were a huge crowd pleaser" ....he and his buddies all laughed, turns out they are in that bank Block Party who of course being lame I didn't even know who that was... and BFF and Ian we're like WHAT!? go get me tickets.  I tried to fight her on this lame request especially since I didn't even know who they are, but I did because that's what BFF's do.

BFF , me and Ian will be rolling in on their guest list Tuesday night at their show in LA! 

Happy Summer Everyone! 

BFF Stace.


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