No One Said It Would Be Like This

No one said when you exited college you still wouldn't know what you wanted to be when you grew up.

No one said when you are creative, things would be more difficult in life.

No one said you might get bored with the people and things around you.

No one said that when the biological time clock ticks that you would feel alone.

No one said Facebook would just make you hate other people and make you feel all those thing you feel when you read what other people are doing while you aren't.

No one said all those girls you were so envious of in high school are just as fucked up and lost as you are--still.

No one said when you hear about people getting married or having a baby you want to punch them.

No one said your parents would really get older and act old.

No one said you're going to have to exercise for the rest of your life.

No one said being married is so awesome.

No one said you would feel annoyed when you didn't connect with your best guy friends girlfriend.

No one said when you turn 40 you still might now know what you want to be when you grow up.

No one said you might just want to run away from it all.

No one said having too many ideas will make you go insane.

No one said just because you want a baby that you'll have one

No one said sometimes you'd want to go live in Kansas.

No one said running a business sucks the life out of you.

No one said when other people are happy you might get irritated.

No one said life means you have to stress about money and where it's coming from, they just said it doesn't grow on trees. Duh.

No one said all the stuff you have will one day irritate you every direction you turn.

No one said dogs cost money.

No one said it would be this exhasuting.

No one said technology would run my life

No one said you have to really pay attention in math because it will bring serenity to your life.

No one said planning events sucks the life out of you.

No one said when you get married there's stuff you need to know that has nothing to do with love.

No one said that people who owe you money will ever pay you.

No one said I would get in bed and not sleep.

No one said you might worry everyday that something is going to happen to your husband

No one said going to others peoples houses can make you feel depressed.

No one said the friends you never thought would last, do.

No one said regret feels this way.

No one said you might get fat one day.

No one said any of that, ever.


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