Is What Ever Even A Word? Whatever...

My version of turning down a possible suitor from Match dot com who has been stalking me via email for the past week after we chatted breifly on instant messenger:

Subject: hi mike

Thanks for emailing me again. After some thought, I really don't think we are a match. It was nice chatting with you and wish you the best on your search.

His Reply:

Ahh ok we only talked once, but what ever you are just like the other women here who are just as flaky. Good luck in your search and learn to be open or just do the rest of us a favor and take your profile down till you can be nice.

How can you tell we are not a good match anyways, what ever.

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  1. while spelling is not required, etiquette is nice and bitterness without humor is just simply not sexy. moving on to men who have smaller baggage that might actually fit in the overhead.


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