Bitter Happy PAIN

There isn't anything better than an afternoon of great friends summer heat, softball, healthy competition some cold beer and just a perfect summer day.
It was my last and final birthday event celebration--yes I go for a whole month!! The Giants VS Dodgers game was a huge hit-- just a fun damn day!

So many laughs, great wardrobe, some arguing and a lot of random exercise.

Which brings me to the bitter happy pain....HOLY X*&% pretty much everyone has emailed, text or called me describing their pain issue

"still in pain! quads. lordy!"

my body is broken from softball
2:32 PM

i tweaked some back muscle
2:32 PM

2:32 PM

2:32 PM

"we were so awesome!!!! but my back thighs hurt like hell right now! we need to do it again soon. so many laughs. i think all the men pulled their hamstrings!!!! LOL...."

"I can barely get up off tghe couch without screaming out in some form of Quad/ knee pain, kris with a k tore some hamstring combo and yells at me if I even look at it ...and D has some ankle situation, so does BFF-- winning is rough!!!"

what makes me happy is that 98% of the players feel this way STILL!!

So what , maybe we're a little (i said LITTLE) bit out of shape, or old or both. BUt we still bring it big time.


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