First Point - First Beach Days of Summer

First hot summer weekend here at the beaches and BFF and I took Malibu First Point by storm. Let me have the record show that I would probably not be at this beach if it wasn't for BFF and her rad ability to get out there and drop in on the best little waves that were rolling in there this weekend. There were ultimately so many things to be bitter about:
1. The relentless helicopters flying over head.
2. Tourist leaving food on their towels as they wandered down to the water only to have a bird strike down upon their items making all the people in a 100 yard radius pissed and nervous.
3. Parking.
4. People playing music on the loudest possible setting from their iphone speakers- sitting right in front of us. Thank god they were smokers because they would shut off the music each time they had a smoke (approximately every 35 minutes).
5. A Berkley Water Study with bugger clipboard people walking around acosting each tourist they could trading a FREE PLASTIC BEACH BALL for answering a questionairre. (This BTW, deserves an entire B/H entry because if you are concerned about the quality of the ocean water at a highly trafficked beach- why in the hell would you give away a chinese made PLASTIC beach ball at the beach, which will just end up in the ocean or in a landfill or someplace where you know it can't be good for the environment (there is no recycle symbol on beach balls).
6. The beached seal that did not want to be in the ocean
7.Traffic on the way home, with everyone else.
8. A sprained ankle that is killing me today.

But there were also wonderful things to be very happy about:
1. The sun was shining with a slight breeze all weekend without a cloud in the sky in Malibu.
2. BFF got two fun surfing sessions out on the water and met a few people in the process!
3. Updates that the fishing trip that Kris, Denny and RCK were on in Kona really was a nap/drinking/eating fest.
4. Drinking Modelo out of the mini soft cooler
5. Reading "Still Alice" under an umbrella looking up to watch all the people frolic near the sea
6. Breathing in the salty air


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