Who Doesn't Love Vacation Makeout Sessions?

I thought I would write about a bitter/happy hawaii vacation which led to my sister and i getting into a fight. I thought I would write about being laid-off from Totalbeauty.com. I thought I would write about the man with the staff infection that tripped while crutching past my car and clipped my mirror off my driver's side door at the dentisit's parking lot. This was after the dentist appointment where I was told I need a new crown. I thought I would write about all those bitter things. But hey, I got to laugh with sophie and giggle in the car when we were lost in Hawaii. I got laid-off but I got a severence and it was time anyway. I don't have a staff infection. The mirror is replaceable for $200. I can afford the crown and the last of my benefits will cover half of it.

This is a week for being thankful. Being happy. Happy I got to go to Hawaii and have time with the kids. Happy I got to have a makeout session with a cute surfer boy and stay in a totally bitchin' hotel. Happy I got a small severence. Happy I have a spectacular family and wonderful friends. Happy I have my health. Grateful.


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