Some Things I Know For Sure

In a time where I feel so much is unknown .....and the tide of things are curving every which way but the way I WANT them to go, or THINK they should go. I am forced to sit and think about what I know for sure. To keep me still . focused.  and just a reminder to be gentle with me for today.

1. There are defining moments in  life, and some I have no control over.

2. When I let go,  I let what is meant to happen, happen.

3. If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

4. I have to color outside the lines to be authentic to who I am most of the time.

5. I still don't know what I want to do ,  but I know what kind of woman I want to become.

6. Love confuses me and inspires me all in one breath.

7.  If we can think of what we would all do for free, everyday , that's what we should be doing for our professions, that's called passion and I need that.

8. Sometimes my plan is not as big and wide and the plan God has for me , so  when I actually get out of my own way , the gifts happen.

9.  When in doubt, don't.

10. You can't be in love with someone's "potential" you have to love who they are right now, today.

11. You are a reflection of who you surround yourself with/by.

12.I am a survivor.

13. I need to go away , have alone time , replenish  and just be in that way that I do, and often 
so that I can come back and be present and available to those I love and want to spend time with.

14. I like kissing someone who is a great kisser.

15. When I sit quietly , it comes to me eventually.

16. I need to learn to let go.

17. Be careful what you ask for ,  it eventually shows up.

18. Ideas are miracles when executed.

19. Indecision is decision.

20 . This too shall pass.

The question continues...


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