Are We Really Healing the Bay?

It's been quite a while since posting any bitter or happy rants. There always seems to be so many and i can't quite get back here in time to post them all.

happy: Going to Fred Segal, Santa Monica for a "Heal the Bay" event. This is a silent auction event to raise awareness and generate signatures for Heal the Bay's fight against marine debris and single-use plastic bags (so btw- please get your awesome reusable green bag here - I love the skull one! Give them as gifts to all your bf's because they need cool bags too!)

bitter: Noticing how non-eco friendly Fred Segal was about this event. First off, on a display for an aution item consisting of a designer beach bag, hat and matching scrunchy, yes, I said scrunchy (value of $1500)- are a few beautiful dead creatures from the ocean... the most horrifying was a big piece of elkhorn coral.

COME ON PEOPLE! Not only was that piece of coral real and illegal - it was on a display making it look glamorous and chic when in fact it was just repulsive. Secondly, in the new green shop at Fred Segal, they had these self contained eco-spheres:

Isn't it awesome that this item which man has locked-up life into a glass globe would represent being 'green' or 'eco-friendly?'

Look- if you are gonna join the green movement don't be one of the 'lifestyle environmentalists' just because some of these items look cool. Start small by turning off lights, shutting off the water, reusing your bags, support companies that are forward thinking and are making changes regarding their practices to better the environment. Support Van Jones and his 'Green-Collar' jobs. yep that is something to be happy about.


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