Aloha BFF Stacie is FINALLY going to post something!!!

Hello all. 

I am BFF,  the other half of bitter happy dot com...I have officially been lagging in the post department so here I come, sliding in late and strong!!! 

I see we haven't really broken down the bitter happy idea to you quite yet so if you wanna a lil peek inside here it is.....

BITTER HAPPY is like Captain and Tenille, Ebony and Ivory, Cheech and Chong, McSteamy and McDreamy and all the other yummy duos, duets and twosomes you love to mix up  ....with a splash of a supersized buzz kill all rolled into one. 

Me and BFF  came up with bitter happy i think while me and BFF  were at the movies last summer, at century city one of our fav spots post work friday(happy) exhausted from a crazy week  but stoked to be seeing hot sexy ass mark wahlberg (happy) and happy because we both just found the perfect didn't really need it but had to have it cute items at ZARA .... we're all settled in our favorite seats at the theater when "that"  couple just happens to slide into the seats (yes of course directly in front of us) and they're very kissy making out, sharing popcorn , giggling -- aka ANNOYING. BFF and I look at each other , (insert eye roll here)  and she whispers, "they so got in the BIGGEST fight ever in the car on the way over here...." (bitter).

The next weekend, we were at our secret spot in Malibu LTD (Living The Dream) sunshine pouring in, waves perfect , temperature just right when this couple rolls up right in fronts of us --we're talking 26 miles of beach and of course our petite area is prime real estate for the in love demographic, annoying making out people with two itty bitty bugger sized dogs that my 68 LB pit bull would eat for a scoobie snack if I let her....I look at Bff and say " oh, her mom hates him, she thinks he's weak and he's white and they're never gonna get married anyway." BFF said " and he has a small penis."

Oh and by the way, not that you asked.... we're actually quite happy. and okay kinda hot too. and yes, smart. we laugh our asses off for no reason, and can have fun on a bank line, which is why we have really great skin. 

BFF has a great ass. I have kind of big boobies , they're real too.  We have our shit togther in all the right places and are totally f*$#** up in all the right ways too.  we make kind of a lot of money, OH and bitter doesn't mean angry by the way, we just  generally get annoyed  a hell of a lot faster than you and then move on to being super happy bitches.

Yep there you have it. Just good,clean, fun. free therapy for the masses, like a perfectly mixed drink you didn't really ask for. Enjoy. Stop by say hi now and then.


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