the metaphysical... the subconscious

i had a dream last night.  i was in a forest outside of San Francisco. i was homeless.  i had a backpack with some toiletries and a change of clothes.  i came upon a disheveled old Victorian house and thought i would go inside to see if there was a bathroom i could use to shower and clean up.
once i got in, i started up the staircase.  i seemed to climb 6 or 7 floors.  each floor seemed to have old  furniture: couches, chairs, end tables and curtains from the seventies, musty, dusty, old, abandoned.  When I finally reached the top of the stairs there were 3 doors.  one was right in front of me, and it was open to a small bathroom.  then there was a door on either side, closed.  I put my backpack on the floor, and then remembered, I should check the basement to make sure no one was there.   I went back down all flights, opened a door to outside, but it was cemented closed.  went down another flight of stairs, came to a door and it opened to a lush backyard and i thought, oh, i need to leave and suddenly felt panicked.  I raced back up all the flights of stairs to get my backpack and when i got to the top, i put my hand on the frame of the left side door and bent over to pick up my backpack.  when i started to lift it, I heard the door open just slightly and as i looked up, a hand came out and touched mine.  I gasped in fear and woke up.  i truly believe it was my grandmother letting me know she's on the top floor and doing just fine.  xoxo


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