TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED THE 1960's, 70'S and 80’s

We've all seen emails like this before, but I never get tired of them…

TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED THE 1960's, 70'S and 80's

First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-base paints.

We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, locks on doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had baseball caps not helmets on our heads.

As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, no booster seats, no seat belts, no air bags, bald tires and sometimes no brakes. Riding in the back of a pick-up truck on a warm day was always a special treat.

We drank water from the garden hose and not from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends.

We ate cupcakes, white bread, real butter and bacon. We drank Kool-Aid made with real white sugar, and, we weren't overweight. WHY?

Because we were always outside playing...that's why!

We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back when the streetlights came on.

No one was able to reach us all day and we were O.K.

No cell phones, no personal computers, no Internet and no chat rooms. WE HAD REAL FRIENDS and we went outside and found them!

We rode bikes or walked to a friend's house and Knocked on the door or rang the bell, or just Walked in and talked to them.

Little League had tryouts and not everyone made the team. Those who didn't had to learn to deal With disappointment. Imagine that!!

We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned how to deal with it all.

If YOU were one of these kids, CONGRATULATIONS!

Kind of makes you want to run through the house with scissors, doesn't it ?


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