Aloha, Mahalo.

We arrived yesterday after a long, delayed day of travel. Our plane sat at LAX for 2.5 hours while they fixed a computer temperture guage in the front cargo area (ahh technology - you always fail!). I watched sex n the city 2, while my man watched getting to the greek. we both slept maybe an hour during the flight. It was the 3rd day of a head cold that just managed to get into my system for my trip to Hawaii. But, we arrived, got our luggage, got our car, got lost on the H1 and finally took the Pali to get to kailua. Once we arrived, our Kailua book hung on our door handle and a cute watercolor painting from Stacie inside (and some chocolate chip cookies from Guam!).

Once settled, we got some groceries and take out and lounged until we went to bed early. The rain poured in the middle of the night, waking me up gently and I smiled- so happy to be here- even if with this dumb cold.

Bff is getting married in just two days! Such a trip! But I am very happy for both her and Kris! I am about to walk across the street to the beach for a little sunshine while my man naps in the bed.



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