The Mani - Pedi

Oh yes, so excited for the very long overdue mani pedi. The last one I got was when Kris with a K paid for it because I hooked up blog for him and there has long since been many entries. Anyhow- very excited.

Lee is my girl at the Toe Heaven on Main St., Santa Monica. When I walked in the door, she waved, and I thought she would be attending to me promptly, but some man was managing the rotation of ladies, and he said she wouldn't be available for 20 minutes. I said, "Fine. I will wait." My sister was with me and just pleased to be without all of her other responsibilities for an afternoon. I find that a pedicure is the easiest form of quick relaxation without having to ohm or get naked with a massage therapist.

In an ideal world, I would bring all my own tools and be really proper about hygiene, but for some reason I have left my worries about all of that by the wayside and decided to trust my health to Toe Heaven and Lee (who gives the best foot massage.) Anyhow, since I was waiting 20 minutes, my feet were soaking in the warm, frothy whirlpool bath until we could get started. Now, also, if you know that your feet soak too long, your skin absorbs too much water and the cuticles are difficult to cut properly.

Lee came over and got started. She clipped and filed and nipped. Relaxation was settling in. Then, as I suspected (from the long soak), my big toe got nicked by those little nippers.

"DAMMIT TO ALL HELL- GRRRRR" in my head, as I quietly looked up at Lee with a raised eyebrow, 'ow.' She says sorry, puts some green drops of some liquid to stop the bleeding and carries on as if nothing happened. In my head, "I've been cut! Don't stop the bleeding, that is probably the best thing about this scenario- my blood will clean out all the nonsense that is swarming in this place!!!!" Now I have the total heebee geebees and am bummed and start wondering what I am going to find on WebMD once I get home. "I SHOULD ALWAYS BRING MY OWN TOOLS!" I think to myself. Then, I look over at my sister, she has no idea that I am a creeped out. She is eyes closed, cradled by the massage chair and by the lady massaging her feet. I get over it quickly and realize this sort of thing happens a lot and not everyone is dying or losing limbs from pedicures. In the end, I am pleased that my toes are now pretty in french pink and white!

We finish up, we go next door and find a good deal on shampoo and conditioner, get in the car and drive back to my house. Seems like a success. BUT, as I exit the car, my hand inadvertently launches itself into the wall and I have completely wrecked two of the very pretty in pink nails on my right hand. "DAMMIT, AGAIN!"

Really? Am I relaxed or do I have two more things to worry about? This is really the epitome of Bitter Happy, isn't it?


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