Camel sweater
Caramel coffee
Latte skin
Unscalable wall of darkness takes me down
Rusty nail
Hammered, hammered, hammered down
Another diet book
Another workout routine
My body deceives, tricks, controls
Lightness comes in a form of a pill, easy, easy, take it easy.
Answer: selflessness.
Give and you shall receive and give back and live life.
Nothing to offer
Nothing to gain
Failure embrace me, beat me down, rejection hold me tight
Keep me in a hole, sitting in front of 42 inches of desensitizing imagery
Sort me
Sorry to have let you down, let me down.
So big on the outside but so very small inside - the smallest I’ve ever been.
Don’t spend. Keep applying. Wither, weather, another cold on the horizon.


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